The Drink Water Instead Experiment

(Flowers at the Bobbio Centre) I've been reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. (Not actually reading but listening to it on a long car journey.) I am really interested in the studies he talks about around habits. I want to use the book to practice intentionally changing a particular habit - eating pastries.… Continue reading The Drink Water Instead Experiment

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Baby Steps in Nature

(Love in the Mist going to seed) My husband and I came back after two and a half month's travelling by motorhome to Portugal last month. Before we left I had great plans to tidy up the garden. Those plans never came to fruition. You can probably imagine what the garden looked like after a… Continue reading Baby Steps in Nature


Mixed Media Boards

(We'll be decorating seedling markers) The craft workshop at our Nurture in Nature Retreat (30th August to 1st September) is called Mixed Media Boards. We thought you might be interested in finding out what we have planned. We'll be using 20cm square mdf boards as a base along with found objects and scrap objects to… Continue reading Mixed Media Boards

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Upcoming Weekend Retreat

(The flowers were blooming lovely) Linda and I (Mairead) went to visit The Bobbio Centre last week. It was a glorious sunny day. We are planning our next workshop 30th August to 1st September. That’s two nights, starting on Friday evening and finishing on Sunday afternoon and will be held at the Centre with Magheramore… Continue reading Upcoming Weekend Retreat