Anxiety and Meditation

A few years ago I started regular daily meditation when I was dealing with a stressful situation. As my stressful situation involved another person I will need be a little creative in the telling of the story... This is a true story but the names (and circumstances and my ownership of an island...) have been… Continue reading Anxiety and Meditation

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“I’m not creative enough” is a lie

Mindfulness can help us become the unbiased observer and see the truth that there isn’t a right size or a wrong size; there isn’t a right career or a wrong career; there isn’t a right opinion or a wrong opinion; there isn’t a right lifestyle or a wrong lifestyle. As an unbiased observer we can make up the story we want to be living. 


Stress Free Christmas Gift Shopping…

(Christmas tree decorations… work in progress) Is it too soon to be talking about Christmas? This isn’t really about Christmas. It’s about making time for making stuff… and it’s never too soon to talk about making stuff, right? It’s also about reducing stress. (Love buttons) A few years ago Linda and I learned something important… Continue reading Stress Free Christmas Gift Shopping…


Creativity For Stress Reduction

There I was stressing out over this post about stress and creativity… In spite of knowing that crafting or journaling or knitting or painting or drawing or doodling (or any creating) makes me feel calm I still have a habit of digging my heels in and pushing through the stress. Until the point where I… Continue reading Creativity For Stress Reduction


What is it like to be still?

  Do I know what it’s like be agitated? Yes. Do I know what it’s like to be anxious? Yes. Do I know what it’s like to be angry? Definitely. But do I know what it’s like to be still? Do you? Your body and mind know how to be still but often they don’t… Continue reading What is it like to be still?