Nature, workshop

Baby Steps in Nature

(Love in the Mist going to seed)

My husband and I came back after two and a half month’s travelling by motorhome to Portugal last month. Before we left I had great plans to tidy up the garden. Those plans never came to fruition. You can probably imagine what the garden looked like after a very wet couple of months. Wild. It looked wild. Like a wild uncontrollably animal.

(Gathering the Love in the Mist seed pods for the Nurture in Nature Retreat)

Friends kindly insisted that I was providing a perfect environment for the bees. Seemed like a nice story but I was ashamed. Why am I so lazy? I stayed inside the house trying not to look out at the mess but then something worse happened. The drains from our sink got blocked and started seeping into the garden. Terrible, right?

(Poppy seed-heads)

Funny enough, not so terrible. Ok yes at first terrible, terrible smell, terrible imagining of smell never going away… But then I heard them – the bees. Well, the bumble bees to be accurate. My messy, wild garden was full of them. Hopping from one flower to the next, picking up pollen and taking the tiny steps required to create new plants.

(Hope these produce lots of Poppy seeds because they’re going to the workshop too)

The drains are nearly fixed now, our wise plumber/builder friend suggested numerous kettles of boiling water. It seems to be working – the smell is not as bad now. It could have gone on forever but it didn’t. Instead it made me go out into the garden. And while I was there I noticed how lovely it is. Now I’m snipping away at the brambles. It may take months to get them under control, or they may never be under control but they will be reduced. But that’s not the best thing.

(Love daisies!)

The best thing is that my wild and messy garden is reminding me… to slow down, to notice the speed of nature. As I write there’s a bird sitting washing himself on the fence. He’s doing a grand job, he’s in no rush, in fact he seems quite at home. He doesn’t notice that the fence needs a coat of paint or that there’s a thorn covered bramble branch right behind him.

When I stopped noticing what was wrong with my garden I remembered that I always wanted a wild garden where birds felt at home.

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