Mixed Media Boards

(We’ll be decorating seedling markers)

The craft workshop at our Nurture in Nature Retreat (30th August to 1st September) is called Mixed Media Boards. We thought you might be interested in finding out what we have planned. We’ll be using 20cm square mdf boards as a base along with found objects and scrap objects to create unique art pieces that you can take home and frame.

(Can you see the broken ceramic piece?)

Nature is a great place to find supplies for this project. We’ll be taking bark rubbings and pressing flowers that can be added to the boards. The beach is another source of supply. I love the smooth shell pieces and the wood you sometimes find washed up. Rather than have them taking up space in a drawer (or at the bottom of my coat pocket!) this is a great way to turn them into art you can hang on your wall. I once found a smoothed piece of broken ceramic tile and now it’s the hull of a boat.

(Rusty metal boot or Italy?)

Another time I found a piece of rusty metal that looked a bit like the shape of Italy or a fashionable leather boot… if you squint from a distance! Glue wouldn’t hold the metal to the found wood so I used some tiny nails. It’s holding strong.

(Blanket stitched)

You can also use items that have a sentimental value once you are not too concerned about making changes to it or getting glue or paint stuck to it. My parents were given numerous wool blankets as wedding presents in 1960. They were no longer in use and my mother gifted some to me. I dyed them and cut and sewed them to make a wall hanging. With some of the leftovers I made small versions for the mixed media boards. I’ll be bringing along some scraps to share at the workshop.

(Quotes and buttons)

If you love quotes the mixed media boards are a great way to make your favourite quotes more personal. I never liked my handwriting so I found a way to improve it while transcribing quotes I love onto a board. The method is very mindful and it teaches your hand how to slow down and write in a more pleasing way.

(We’ll also be making cards)

One of the things I love about this project is that every piece will be different, because found objects are different – you can’t buy them in bulk. So it all depends on what you find or what you choose from the things we found. What that means is… your unique personality and creative spirit combines with glue and ink and stuff to make magic. We can’t wait!

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