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“I’m not creative enough” is a lie


It takes an unbiased observer to see the lie of an old story.

I’m not creative enough” is a lie. “I’m not smart enough” is a lie. “I’m not good enough” is a lie. We have lots of lying old stories…

Let me tell you a new story… Once upon a time there were two brothers Bobby and Gerry. Bobby had blue eyes and Gerry had green. The brothers grew up in Ballygorm, a land where blue eyes were favoured. In school the blue-eyed boys were loved. In business the blue eyed boys were promoted. In church the blue eyed boys were made bishops! All his life Gerry felt hurt by this situation and when he was 16 he decided enough was enough and he would have to do something about it.

marek-szturc-389785Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

He went off to find a better place, where green eyes received the recognition they deserved. He travelled far and eventually came to a land called Greenland where green eyes were king.  He felt like he was home, now he could be accepted at school for who he was and he could look forward to a future where he could be successful in business and maybe even become a bishop!

Three weeks passed and life was good until one day at school, in Greenland, Gerry witnessed the teacher treating a blue-eyed boy in the way Gerry had been treated at his old school, in Ballygorm. This had a big effect on Gerry. Although he didn’t understand yet why. The following day Gerry went out of his way to talk with the blue eyed boy, who was called Benny. It was unusual for green-eyed boys to fraternize with blue eyed boys in Greenland but something made Gerry want to get to know Benny. At first Benny was suspicious but he soon relaxed and told Gerry about his life and the things he loved and the things he hated. And Gerry began to notice that the two boys had more in common than they had differences. That’s when Gerry started to feel homesick. He missed his brother Bobby and he even missed school. Maybe it was time to go home.

jordan-whitfield-107094Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

That very night Gerry had a dream. He was watching TV in his dream and the Ellen DeGeneres show was on. She was talking about a new kind of contact lenses that could change the colour of your eyes while you were wearing them and in the dream Ellen came out of the TV and gave Gerry some blue contact lenses. When Gerry got up in the morning there beside his pillow were Ellen’s contact lenses!

Something of a plan started to bubble up in Gerry’s brain. A business plan! A shop that sold green contact lenses in Greenland. And a shop in Ballygorm that sold blue contact lenses. Gerry became a huge success in both lands and even gave up on his dream of becoming a bishop!


What’s your lying old story? Are you not creative enough? Or smart enough? Are your eyes not blue enough? What is the correct eye colour? Or the correct amount of creative? Or the correct amount of intelligence? Or the correct career? Or the correct opinion? Or the correct lifestyle? Or the correct…? Don’t bother… there isn’t one. But there is a way you want to live. A way that is correct for YOU.

What is the way YOU want to be living? And are you willing to let go of your lying old stories?

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