Stress Free Christmas Gift Shopping…

2017 12 01 PHOTO 00001764

(Christmas tree decorations… work in progress)

Is it too soon to be talking about Christmas? This isn’t really about Christmas. It’s about making time for making stuff… and it’s never too soon to talk about making stuff, right? It’s also about reducing stress.


(Love buttons)

A few years ago Linda and I learned something important about making stuff: Motivation plus deadline makes it easier. At the time our motivation was a Christmas Craft Fair. We had booked a stall and we needed to fill it! And fill it we did. Along with another friend, Liezel, we filled our stall with ceramics, hand printed tea towels and framed quilling (paper pictures). It was a great experience, lots of fun, lots of learning and lots of exhaustion!


(Paper sunshine)

If you have a really good reason to make something, ceramics, tea towels, paper products, whatever, you’ll be compelled to begin making. And, if you have a deadline, you’ll be compelled to keep going. That’s what happened. We kinda got pulled along by the process and we made a shedload of stuff.

2017 12 01 PHOTO 00001768

(Piggybank tails…)

In the absence of a booked table at a craft fair there is something else, just as motivational… At the moment we are in the process of making our Christmas gifts! We have a really good motivational reason… It’s Christmas, we need gifts and we have one enormous deadline… 25th December!

2017 12 01 PHOTO 00001771

(…and tweety bowls)

This is the first day of December, if you could choose how to spend these twenty-something days before Christmas, what would you choose?

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