What is MindCraft?


MindCraft is a combination of Mindfulness and Crafting in a fun one-day workshop.


Linda (in Dublin) and Mairead (in Tipperary) each grew up with a strong love of making.  Unfortunately, when they arrived at adulthood they had replaced making crafts with the necessary task of making a living. It took them a long time to realise that the craft making was just as necessary as the living making.  Five years ago (both now living in Co. Wicklow) they met were introduced and the seed of MindCraft was planted.

They believe that Mindfulness makes us strong enough to deal with whatever life throws at us. With a sense of calm, contentment and space we get to think about the important things… love, joy, peace, purpose, relationship, family, connection, community. From this space it is easier to find our own way. The combination of Mindfulness and making allows us to enter a flow state where all our worries disappear…. maybe not forever… but at least until 4pm when the workshop finishes!

It’s not enough to just understand the message of Mindfulness, reading about it will not help us to be mindful in the same way as thinking about baking will not produce a cake! We need to live the message and using our hands to create helps us do that. MindCraft shows you how in a really fun way!

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

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